Putting Technology Entrepreneurs on the Road to Success

For over 20 years, we've helped entrepreneurs build some of the most successful technology companies in Maryland. The Technology Advancement Program (TAP) staff is comprised of seasoned veterans of startups and venture capital firms who will provide:

  • business advice and support
  • market intelligence
  • introductions
  • access to funding
  • other critical assistance that can accelerate the growth of your technology venture.

TAP offers furnished offices and flexible lab space as well as a multitude of other benefits and services that can only be found at a technology business incubator situated right on the campus of one of the nation’s top research universities.

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TAP Benefits

TAP's staff of experienced entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and analysts provide a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help your company succeed.

Affordable, Flexible Space

  • Furnished offices
  • Flex labs, wet labs, common labs, and bio scale-up facilities
  • Conference rooms
  • Receptionist
  • Office equipment
  • Telecom/Internet-ready
  • 24/7 HVAC, utilities included

Business Advice and Coaching

  • Product planning
  • Market intelligence
  • Customer acquisition
  • Financial analysis
  • Fundraising
  • Executive recruiting
  • Legal and intellectual property issues
  • Marketing and PR


  • Angel investors, VCs, and grant organizations
  • Potential customers and partners
  • Industry experts and advisors

Access to University of Maryland Resources

  • UM research library system
  • Faculty expertise
  • Maryland Industrial Partnerships R&D funding
  • Student and alumni recruiting
  • Special facilities (Biotechnology Research and Education Program,
  • Maryland NanoCenter, Micro and Nano Fabrication Laboratory, University of Maryland Energy Research Center
  • Recreational facilities
  • Significant procurement discounts

A Heritage of Success at Maryland’s First Technology Incubator:



TAP seeks high-potential emerging companies developing and/or offering new products and services rooted in advanced technology.  While TAP favorably considers firms with scale potential attributable to large and growing markets, TAP also accepts enterprises with well-defined niche leadership strategies.

TAP considers the following criteria when studying applicants:

  • Clear competitive differentiation, preferably through unique, protected technology
  • Experienced management team and founders committed to recruit needed executives
  • Multi-phased, deliberate plan to launch and grow the business
  • Clear plan to finance operations to consistent profitability•High potential for sustainable, scaling revenues and earnings
  • Target market receptive to new entrants
  • Technology beyond the "proof-of-concept"
  • Demonstrable synergies with TAP and the University
  • Commitment to locate substantial operations in Maryland

Detailed Criteria for TAP (pdf)




TAP utilizes the following evaluation process to choose new portfolio companies:

Step I: Executive Summary

The evaluation process starts with the submission of an Executive Summary. Upon receiving and reviewing Executive Summaries, TAP's management will contact prospective applicants to convey questions and feedback as well as to discuss other appropriate next steps. TAP's management may request face-to-face meetings or teleconferences with prospective companies as well.

Provided below is guidance for preparing such a summary as well as submission instructions.

How to prepare an Executive Summary (pdf)
Submit your Executive Summary (pdf format only)

Step II: Technical Plan and Feasibility Analysis

If TAP, after reviewing an Executive Summary, believes a company is a good fit for the program, the application process continues with a Technical Plan. TAP's management will then conduct a thorough Technical Review. The purpose of this review is to ascertain the feasibility of the proposed product or service, competitive differentiation of proposed technology and the technical expertise and capability of the company.


Step III: Business Plan and Business Review

If the Technical Review and assessment are favorable, a Business Plan is requested and a formal Business Review is initiated.  As part of the Business Review, TAP's management will schedule a presentation by the principals of the prospective company to a selected panel of industry and business experts such as venture capitalists, business analysts, CPAs, faculty and seasoned entrepreneurs. The purpose of this review is to ascertain the viability of the company as a profitable business, and the commitment by the principals to its success.

Time Line:

Generally, TAP's admission process can range from a few weeks to a few months depending on the following factors:

  • Thoroughness of the Executive Summary, Technical and Business Plans
  • The responsiveness of the prospective companies in providing the above information as well as responding to any questions that arise during this process

FlexEl LLC develops
custom battery

Redox develops affordable, efficient  fuel cell power systems.

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